Posted by: Jules & Cal | April 2, 2009

#1: Tour #2 – Aviano, Italy


The Dolomites near home

Our view driving to/from base; The Foothills of the Italian Dolomites

Mar 3, 2009 We arrived to Aviano, Italy welcoming us with clouds, rain, and cold! Could this really be the Italy we were dreaming/heard about? You bet it is! And we couldn’t be more excited!

The first week here we submerged ourselves in the Benvenuti (Welcome) Class & immediately started searching for a home. You have 10 days to look for place, they say 30, but really 10 b/c then you have to wait 2 weeks for the Italians to make sure your home is ready to be moved into.  After three weeks of searching and feeling hopeless in finding our “home,”  we met a family in the housing office moving out.

The owner of the house provided us with a brief description of the house, and we decided to go and check it out anyways.  Driving up the never-ending driveway, through the delicately designed cast iron electric gate,  we knew at the moment; “This is home!”  He showed us through the house, and it was, I mean “IS” AMAZING! The house was never-ending and full of continuous surprises just awaiting for us to discover.

The house, let’s be honest,Villa di Langager, is exactly what we were dreaming of living in while in Italy for the next 4 years. 

Our Villa is complete with a cozy cucina (kitchen) with a fireplace and a corner breakfast tavola (table). Huge hallways, quatro la camera de letto’s (4 bedrooms), tre bagno’s (3 full baths), a spacious il salotto (living room), in the cantina (basement) a built in bar with another fireplace, a HUGE il garage (garage) to store Cody’s currently tre motocicletta’s (3 motorcycles) & our trailblazer, an attic, 1 cantina (basement) storage room, and a Vino Cellar (wine cellar).  

The yard surrounds our entire Villa and houses a small garden shed in the back corner & takes 3 hrs for Cal and I to cut/weedwhack it.  The rolling geography of our yard takes on 3 magnolia trees, 1 walnut & 2 hazelnut trees, 2 grapevines, 4 kiwis trees, 9 pine trees, a palm tree, a 15 ft long hanging lilac tree, and others we are unsure of what they are. We have our first il giardino (garden) growing tre ‘linsalata’s (salads), 2 zucchini verde (green zucchini), tre different promodore’s (3 different tomato plants), 2 cabbages, otto rosso cipolla (8 red onion) plants, a grande lampone bush (huge raspberry), another berry (which we don’t know what it is) & the traditional parsley & basil.  

Our front deck allows us to view the entire front yard & the foothills of the Dolomiti’s. I have created a gorgeous “flower wall” full of geraniums (deep & light pink) & small white flowers along with 2 hanging purplish/blue serafina’s.  Along the walkway to our house the fresh lavendar bush makes the yard smell and feel relaxing &  12 rose plants add a bit of romance to the whole surreal feeling of this Villa. Our side deck provides a view of the village below us, for we live approximatly 2km up the mountains. One a clear day, they say you can see the Adriatic Ocean.

All in all, I must conclude, with we hit the jackpot! We found our Villa di Langager in the quaint little town of Serone, Italy. We are 6km to the nearest train station, 30 mins to the nearest mtn resort for us to snowboard; along with more than 12 of Europe’s best resorts within 2-5 hrs, and a 1 hr drive to 5 different beaches; who could ask for anything more!?! Oh did I mention, an hour from VENEZIA (Venice)!!!!

Verremmo Benvenuti (We would like to welcome) friends and family to “Villa di Langager”  our Italian Villa for the next 4 years!



  1. This is great Julie! I really like the pictures! I can’t believe how pretty the scenery is! Miss ya!!!


  3. “What a great idea and I will be on this end with much enthusiasm. Would you mind if I forwarded this to some of your BE friends? Martha Straw was in North Korea this past year teaching English in some kind of compound. I am anxiously awaiting news of her return to this soil considering what has been going on there recently.

  4. I’m making plans for next yr. May never leave once I get there. love and miss you

  5. Martha did stop for a bit and said she was going to return. She wanted to change jobs and had a month to fullfill yet on this one. She doesn’t worry one little bit about being in a communist country alone. Said she wants to stay 6/7 years. I hope your pregancy goes off without a hitch for you and that you get a little one full of health, joy and puts you through all the paces you put everyone through during your growing up years! It is payback time! You will still have fun but you will be home earlier than usual!
    God Bless you both.
    I am fine, going to Texas Nov 18 till Dec 1, to seem all my kids and friends. Haven’t made that trip since o5 so it is time. The little one was 8 months old and is going to kindergarten now. The swine flu is running rampant. Minot schools have half the students out at once! I haven’t heard about Bottineau. But I am going to wear a mask on the flight, carry hand wipes and do what I can to stay healthy and not carry something into the house with those two little ones. That would make me really unhappy. Nothing else is new here. I am still single! Princes don’t come easy at this age! Bye cm

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